Do you ever feel like life is a battle that's too much to bear? Do you sometimes feel confused about everything, even who you are? Well so do I. I've decided though that I will embrace my emotions and the life I have been given, and fight this battle with pleasure and joy. It will not be easy though. There will be many defeats, but I know ultimately that I will come out reigning victoriously. I hope that you will join me on my quest to find myself and my voice; my passion for life!

Uncertain Knight is a place where I share the struggles or joy in my life; what's on my mind. I try to stay hopeful, but life is filled with problems and issues. I know if you let them get you down though, you'll get nowhere. I hope when reading this you might be able to relate and find some hope to know that everything will be okay, because in all honesty it will if you keep faith in yourself and what you're fighting for. We let certain things bother us far too much, and others far too little. In the least Uncertain Knight is a form of self-expression and understanding for myself. I do hope that perhaps you readers may benefit as well. 
Remember, we all are in this fight together!

My wish for you is that you never let yourself fall so far to retreat and surrender. Find the strength you need to stand again, to fight another day! 
You may not be pleased with where your life is currently, what people think of you, how many friends you have, but when it comes down to it, all that really matters is who you are and your values. Fight for what you believe is right, and supporters will follow.

Followers and comments are welcome and appreciated!